The Anti-Addiction Movement

A former addict starts an anti-addiction movement to save lives

Straight Forward….To Help Victims of Pill Addictions

Too often the stories we hear about addicts end in death and heart ache. One former addict and dealer has decided to change his own story by forming an Anti-Addiction Movement on Facebook called, Straight Forward….To Help Victims of Pill Addictions . The group exists to help addicts and the children of addicts connect to gain support from each other in the recovery process.

The movement was started by Gavin Campos, 31 when his younger brother overdosed on Christmas Eve. Campos has been on all sides of the drug issue -the child of an addict, a user, a drug dealer, a grieving friend and a grieving brother. Straight Forward … To Help Victims of Pill Addictions was birthed out of great loss, but the group is noted for the way it gives back.

Beyond the Facebook page, the group is raising awareness, advocacy and providing emotional support for victims of addiction.