Climbing to New Heights

Marco Broccardo is on his way to the top- literally.  He wants to prove to his friends and family, to himself, and to the world, that after hitting rock bottom, he can turn around and climb to the top.  Marco used to be a drug addict, but now he is climbing the highest summits in the world.


A Great Story of Redemption

Marco started doing drugs as a young teenager, and like so many kids these days, was influenced by friends and peer pressure.  When talking about his past, Marco said, “The fear of not being accepted by my peer group was too much to bear.  People that I looked up to and friends that I really respected were doing it so it couldn’t be all that bad, could it?”

Soon the addiction took over his life and Marco became a monster of the disease.  He did not care about anything or anyone, just when he could get his next high.  As an addict, Marco admits to practically destroying his family.  He left them emotionally broken and at the time he didn’t really care.  Marco would thrive on creating tension in the family because it would take the focus off of him.  “I stole, lied, and manipulated my way through every single member of my family.  Drug addiction eats at the very heart of the family fabric like a cancer.” he said.

By age 19, Marco had been to drug rehab three times and attempted suicide three times.  One of the times he succeeded, but was revived by paramedics shortly after.  Marco had been in serious car accidents, stabbed, shot, and even had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.  You could say he hit “rock bottom” but the want to change didn’t come until the tough love of his family.  It wasn’t until they stopped bailing him out all the time and cut him off completely that he realized what kind of monster he had become.

Marco is a firm believer in full recovery from addiction and has been clean for 11 years.  He’s now married to a beautiful wife, has two extraordinary sons, and his relationship with his family is better than it has ever been before.  Marco made the choice to recover, not remain in recovery for life, and wants the world to know it can be done.

To create awareness about drug abuse, Marco is climbing the seven highest mountain peaks in the world.  He states, “For me though, the mountains are a physical representation of the challenges we all face.  We all have mountains to conquer.  All I am doing is using a practical example to show what humanity is capable of doing if we believe.”

Everyday Marco is preparing mentally and physically.  He’s passionate about showing the world that drug abuse can be beaten and he will stop at nothing to see this vision fulfilled.