Families and Codependency

Family counseling is an important part of the process of recovery at our treatment center. Having a loved one who is chemically dependent to the point of requiring treatment and then sending them away to get that treatment can be traumatic on families, but education is the key.

Once family members begin to understand the nature of addiction and how they can play a positive part in the recovery of their beloved son, father, or husband, the process becomes less frightening. The family members almost become a team after the family week program we institute.

Issues like Codependency and Denial

Many chemically dependent people start out using recreationally and progress gradually into full blow addiction. Part of the disease of addiction is that the person who needs help is in denial as to how bad their problem is. Sometimes the denial spreads throughout other parts of the family system and family members behave in codependent ways. Codependency is when someone is “caretaking” the person who is addicted which inhibits the addicted person from experiencing the negative effects of their addiction.

The Landing has an entire staff of of addiction professionals who will help start the conversation with you and your loved one. Do not hesitate to call us today for information about intervention and treatment.