Federal Government Helps Families Find Recovery

Recently the federal government has stepped in to help families select the best treatment facility for loved ones suffering from addiction. They have created a resource guide consumers can use to help select the right place for treatment. The free guide, available on the National Institute on Drug Abuse website or in booklet form, is called “Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask.”
“Treatment options can vary considerably, and families often don’t know where to begin,” NIDA Director Nora Volkow said in a press release.

The booklet highlights the treatment components that research has shown are critical for success, to help people make an educated and wise choice during a very stressful time.The value of the booklet lies in the many recent scientific advances that have dramatically changed the nature of addiction treatment, all of which are addressed and treated here at Sober Landing.

The guide urges consumers to look for programs that offer treatments based on scientific evidence. Programs should tailor treatments to the individual and provide regular assessment, which Sober Landing also does. There is also information on how long treatment should last and how 12-step programs fit in.