Fullerton Officer Caught Stealing for Oxycodone

Job Stress and Access to Medication Put Officer in a Precarious Position

In March, former Fullerton police officer Todd Alan Majors, 30, was facing 14 felonies and three misdemeanors. Major’s life came to a crashing halt when internal affairs investigators found him in an alley behind his Seal Beach apartment high on prescription drugs.

According to the search warrant documentation, Major was showing signs of “possible narcotic analgesic intoxication.” Major was exhibiting symptoms such as slurred speech, slow movement, and droopy-eyelids.

Major was a six-year Veteran for the Fullerton police department. He was hired just after pleading guilty for driving with a blood alcohol level that was over the legal limit when he was 20.  In other law enforcement agencies alcohol-related driving convictions would mean an automatic disqualification for being hired, but not for Fullerton police officers.

Major’s is the son of Mike Major who was the former head of investigation for the Orange Country District Attorney’s Office.

Those who worked with Major said that he was a great cop with a good heart. The police department has a log of compliments received via e-mail informing his department of what a great job Major’s was doing.

Major was known to spend Tuesday nights running the police department’s Police Explorer program. This is a program in division with the Boy Scouts of America, where Major would preach to the children about how great it was to be a police officer.

Major received a City of Fullerton credit card from his captain, to pay for Police Explorer expenses. In September 2010, according to Fullerton Police Department, the department started investigating how Major would spend city money.

When Fullerton’s internal affairs found Major in the alley he was on sick and furlough leave. He was out of work for over a month and still had access to the city’s credit card.

When Major was arrested, detectives found 30 empty pill bottles at the scene. The bottles once contained OxyContin (oxycodone) and Vicodin (hydrocodone). Some of the bottles were prescribed to Major and others were prescribed to other individuals. Investigators also found two bottles of Vicodin in his department desk. The bottles were filled just one day apart.

Investigators had suspected that Major was using the credit card to pay for prescription painkillers. He would buy Visa gift cards to hide where the city’s money was being spent. Investigators also found receipts for the gift cards and the drugs in his department desk.

Major was caught on surveillance cameras using the credit card to purchase the gift cards and OxyContin. During investigation after he was caught he told investigators where to find the unused gift cards and receipts.  In January Major resigned.

The state Attorney General charged Major with misusing a city credit card repeatedly and forging a city check. Major also stole from the Fullerton Car Show, two Troy High School administrators, and 11 of his Fullerton Police Explorers (boy scouts).

Major plead guilty to two charges and prosecutors dropped the other 15 charges in exchange. Major’s plea agreement specifically prohibits him for using any illegal drugs. He is also required to submit to drug testing and can not associate with drug dealers or users.  We can only hope that Major is participating in an addiction treatment program for men.

The Judge ordered Major to serve 180 days. He is doing community service through a community work program. Major is required to take out the trash at the Theo Lacy Jail complex in Orange, five days a week for eight hours. Major is allowed to go home every evening.

The Landing Treatment Center for Men has a positive track record helping police men who are impaired by addiction.