Recovering Physically After Addiction – Nutrition

High nutrient meals are vital for addiction recovery.

The critical recovery happens in the therapeutic processes like group therapy and individual therapy.  However, the habits that are ingrained with regard to exercise and nutrition are very destructive and this is why it is very important to guide the men at The Landing in changing negative habits to positive ones.

Good nutrition has an immediate positive effect on the men at The Landing.  The body will be rebuilding itself after the destructive chemicals have ceased being taken and making positive food choices can play an important role in getting to build momentum in recovery and maintain lasting change.

Recovering individuals often experience gastrointestinal disorders and have a poor appetite. As a result, they have a special need for foods that are high in nutrients to rebuild damaged tissues.  Our dedicated Chef Kurt is trained in the nutritional recommendations of the men in recovery at The Landing and he takes great pride in delivering meals that have a positive effect on the well being of our clients.