Seaside Serenity a New Approach that Saved My Life

Sober Living by the Sea and Sober Landing promote recovery.

A different approach towards a new life….that is what I needed. This is exactly what I got.I am 25 years old who lost my life to crystal meth, needles, booze, and the lifestyle that is dictated when you pursue “better living through chemistry.”

I have tried to get clean before a couple of times, but when I checked myself in this time something different happened.  I entered the main facility at Sober Living By The Sea begging for help. I had been homeless for the last year and half.  I was in full blown amphetamine psychosis. Yet I knew I was safe. The people I interacted with ensured me it gets better. I was on my way to Sunrise Recovery Ranch with in an hour of walking into the main center.  The male focused treatment and the staff’s expertise with my specific poison of choice (crystal meth) made me feel at ease the entire stay. Due to the lifestyle I had been leading, the probation department required that I return to Orange County upon completion of my 30 days.  The clinical team as a whole, both at the Sober Living by the Sea facility and Sunrise Recovery Ranch  knew I needed more time with in a higher level of care. As I was transported to The Landing in Newport Beach I was moderately angry of the fact I was doing 30 more days of impatient treatment.

I found the piece of recovery I was missing

The Landing though is really where I found the piece of recovery I was missing, serenity. From the minute I arrived I have felt whole.  I felt like I am being heard when I speak. I felt like I was really recovering. The facility is on the beautiful beach of Newport, and everyday upon awaking I had the ability to wake up to see God’s beauty outside my window. My daily meditation consisted of watching the waves crash in on the sand.  The food was as if I was eating at a gourmet restaurant every day.

New clients always asked as they arrived if we had a cook, I felt the need to correct them, we have a chef- not a cook. As I continued to make healthy lifestyle choices the culinary staff at The Landing adapted to the nutritional goals I outlined, we attended the gym four times a week as a group, and I was allowed to go run on the beach with other clients every day. There is a framed banner that hangs in the kitchen at sums up the treatment style of the Landing:  It simply states Love is spoken here.  I do find that to be true beyond words.

I am truthfully filled with gratitude for the men’s inpatient programs offered by Sober Living By The Sea, most especially the loving and caring program and staff of the Landing, who have given me the tools I need to continue to live a fulfilling, meaningful, and sober life.