Marijuana On The Ballot

Have you voted today? Marijuana use is an issue on the ballot as there are two states that have ballot initiatives that could result in legalization of medical marijuana (Massachusetts and Arkansas) and two others (Washington and Colorado) will be considering essentially legalizing adult possession with regulation and taxation similar to that used with alcohol. This could lead to further conflict between state and federal law enforcement.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years for its psychoactive and purported medicinal qualities. Marijuana has often been classified as a hallucinogen and regarded as a psychedelic although more recently it is being seen as a unique and complex drug with many different effects, some of which may be of medical value. It can be classified in a number of ways such as a hallucinogen, a psychedelic, or as a drug that causes an altered state of consciousness with mild euphoria, relaxation, perceptual alterations and enhanced sensory experiences. It can also cause distressing and unpleasant effects as well, such as intense anxiety that is often described as paranoia depending on the sensitivity of the user.

Research regarding marijuana is being spearheaded by organizations such as Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. New knowledge about the potential therapeutic uses of these agents is increasing. Marijuana is an exceedingly complex drug preparation and its effects depend on the variety of the plant, the composition of the chemicals in any given sample, the route of administration, the setting in which it is used and the psychological set of the user.

Marijuana is a plant with three different strains that reportedly have different psychoactive characteristics depending on the specific chemical make-up of the plants. Cannabis sativa is generally the most commonly used strain and is considered the most psychoactive. In recent years selective breeding in both the underground production system and by those working in the medical marijuana field has modified it to increase its psychoactivity or enhance various putative medicinal effects. For example, some samples may be extremely psychedelic while are others are more sedating.

Medical marijuana patients are now using vaporizers to absorb THC while avoiding the inhalation of smoke. Eating marijuana may has extremely powerful effects that become apparent only some time after consumption with no way of reducing the dose. The setting in which it is used will also affect the user’s experience. A quiet and supportive environment is less likely to result in anxiety. It should also be noted that some people are much more sensitive to the effects of cannabis and may have strong reactions to even fairly small doses. All considerations when it comes to voting today.