Memory Loss and Marijuana Use

As a drug addiction rehab we are always looking for the most recent studies and research findings on drugs and how they effect the body. into A recent study tried to figure out whether GABA or Glutamate were responsible for Marijuana’s or more precisely THC’s effects on memory. To their surprise, they found out it was neither and kept looking, eventually the researchers found that the real culprits were cells called astrocytes, previously thought to be akin to the brain’s cleaning crew. Apparently, this cleaning crew might also be important for many crucial aspects of our daily functioning.

THC disrupts memory formation through astrocytes. The results of this research will no doubt produce some serious changes in the study of memory as well as in research on the effects of THC and other drugs on memory—it broadens our search for the factors important in the primary and secondary effects of drugs, drug use and drug addiction both short and long-term. It could help produce drugs with less side effects, find ways to counter undesirable effects of drug use, and develop treatments that specifically interfere with illicit drug use mechanisms. Great findings!