New Year’s Sobriety

For many the start of the New Year is the pinnacle of change, but the most discouraging is when the same New Year’s resolution find’s itself on the top of the list: Stop Drinking. As the New Year rolls in so does the interest of families in our recovery program at The Landing. A common question families have while looking at the extensive programs and costs of rehabilitation programs have is, “Why can’t they just stop drinking?” I would say that asking an addict to stop drinking is like asking a healthy person to stop breathing. The act of stopping will send them spinning and feel as if their dying. This is why programs like The Landing exist. We help introduce those with addictions to a new way of breathing through life.

We know addictions bring with them an abundance of frustrations. Please continue searching for the rehab that best suits your loved one. To speak more with The Landing about the services we offer please call: (877) 945-4052