Rise in Michigan Heroin Users

Heroin, one of the most dangerous drugs to start with, as well as one of the most difficult to quit, is starting to make a comeback throughout the U.S.  The connection with the rise of prescription drug abuse is undeniable.

Timothy Gill, of Michigan State Police, stated “Officers are seeing more heroin sold on the street locally so it is one of the areas we are focusing our attention on.”  Local law enforcement is getting concerned.  Apparently heroin is not just for the city life anymore.  Neighborhood warnings are on the rise as the drug is becoming more and more popular.

Youths Are a Big Part of Heroin Problem

There are places known as “sleepy neighborhoods” that cases have doubled since last year. Society is very mobile when it comes to drug dealers.  When business is failing in one area, they move to one with more popularity.  Business is in the hands of their backyard so to create a profit they will go through any means.

More people, especially younger generations, have the easy access to it which makes it hard not to get addicted.  Heroin was a significant problem back in the early 70s, and now the country is starting to try it again.

“Next thing you know somebody says you ought to try injecting it, it’s even better and then they do that and here they are these 22-year-old, even though they’re not kids, 22 to me is a kid, using heroin, injecting it, with track marks” said Det./Lt. David Cook.

To address the problem, police are informing their task forces to watch all areas.  Also police want to concentrate on going after drug dealers to help their efforts.

“If you knock off somebody that’s a large dealer, eventually it slows it down a little bit just like it does with anything else whether it’s cocaine, marijuana, it slows it down again and somebody else will take its place and we’ll go after that person” said Cook.

However, police work can only go so far.  By keeping communication lines open for those who are curious about drugs will help prevent the problem from starting.  Also parents being educated about Heroin and its effects can educate their children before their peers do.

That kind of education process with young adults and teens will help them become aware of drugs and their dangers, and can avoid any curious experiments.

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