The Landing Featured on NBC Today

Stephen Odom is an expert on habit forming “smart drugs” like Adderall and his expertise was called upon by the Today show earlier this month to discuss the phenomenon of Adderall abuse on college campuses.

The Today Show segment that aired on May 17th, 2011 showed undercover reporter Amy Robach go undercover in the “stacks” at a top U.S. university and score the drug from a young unsuspecting female student.  The special continues by interviewing young men and women who discuss the benefits  – and the potential dangers of Adderall and other “smart drugs.”  Stephen Odom, who is the program director for The Landing Treatment Center for Men in Newport Beach, is called upon as a treatment expert to discuss the dangers of Adderall and it’s similarity to methamphetamine.

The Landing has been treating young men who abuse prescription drugs for years in Newport Beach. Our addiction counselors understand the unique challenges that young  people face when they are balancing the pressures of school, family, and their social lives.  Every person who has the courage to enter treatment for chemical dependency deserves a unique treatment regimen that addresses their particular background and history of drug abuse.

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