The Family Program at our Addiction Treatment Center for Men in Newport Beach

The Landing offers a high-quality family treatment program for men in Newport Beach, CA. To best serve our clients, The Landing provides rehabilitation services tailored for men to promote successful recovery.

Family Involvement in Treatment

At The Landing of Newport Beach, we understand that the impact of addiction can extend far beyond the afflicted individual. It is not uncommon for the lives of family members and friends to be profoundly disrupted when someone they care about develops a substance use disorder. These same people can play essential roles in supporting their loved one in recovery, but only if they also get the help they need to identify and address the damage that they have experienced as a result of their loved one’s substance abuse.

To promote healing among the loved ones of clients at The Landing, we are proud to offer a monthly Family Program. These three-day events, which typically run from Wednesday through Friday, are designed to help family members develop specific tools and strategies for accomplishing the following long-term objectives:

  • Taking care of themselves throughout their loved one’s recovery process
  • Providing the most effective support to their loved one

Our Family Program allows loved ones to meet our director as well as the therapist and/or case manager who is directly involved with their loved one’s treatment. Over the three days, we provide ample time for family members to discuss individual issues with these professionals.

Understanding Our Family Program

All three days of the Family Program begin with a continental breakfast, followed by presentations by treatment professionals, group discussions, and related activities. The second day of the Family Program also features a multi-family session with family members and their loved ones who are in treatment. If the client’s case manager determines that it is clinically appropriate, family members and their loved ones may also have the opportunity to spend individual time together on Thursday.

The format and content of the Family Program are focused on education, problem-solving, and solutions. Sessions are designed to be non-confrontational learning experiences. The following are among the topics that are addressed during presentations and small group activities during a typical Family Program:

  • Behavioral, neurobiological, and psychological effects of addiction
  • Medications, ongoing treatment options, and other medical issues involved with recovery
  • Empowering families to recover from the disease of addiction
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Insurance and other financial issues
  • Emotional recovery and the family dynamic
  • Best practices for treatment aftercare in recovery
  • Al-Anon speaker panel

As is the case with the treatment itself, the Family Program is a structured and supportive environment in which participants can address issues that have been preventing them from functioning in a healthier and more productive manner. Just as each individual follows his own path of recovery, so, too, do all families face unique issues and challenges. With the Family Program, The Landing of Newport Beach has provided a dynamic opportunity for family members to develop the skills and capabilities that will allow them to address their specific issues, strengthen their family unit, and unite in support of their loved one.

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The Landing was the only comprehensive treatment center that was able to help me achieve lasting sobriety. I am grateful to the staff for helping to save my life!

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