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The Landing offers drug addiction treatment in a luxury setting for men in Newport Beach, CA. To better serve the individual needs of our clients, The Landing provides rehabilitation tailored for adult men to deliver successful recovery.

Learn More About Drug Addiction Treatment

Learn more about drug addiction treatment at The Landing of Newport Beach, CA

Substance abuse is a general term that can be applied to the misuse of alcohol, drugs, and certain other mind-altering substances. The term substance abuse can be used to describe both one-time misuse and long-term abuse and can involve both legal substances such as alcohol and prescription pills and illegal substances such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine. People engage in substance abuse for many reasons, including but not limited to recreational purposes and misguided attempts to self-medicate symptoms of physical or psychological pain.

Regardless of the reason or reasons that a person first engages in substance abuse, this behavior puts him at risk for a variety of negative effects, both immediate and long-term. Depending upon the drug that is being abused, immediate effects can range from slight incapacitation to death. Over the long-term, substance abuse often leads to dependence, which is clinically referred to as a substance use disorder. Individuals who develop a substance use disorder may sacrifice their health, jobs, and relationships as a result of their continued drug abuse. And once a person has developed an addiction, the powerful cravings and painful withdrawal symptoms of a substance abuse disorder may make it virtually impossible for an individual to end his self-defeating behavior without effective professional intervention.

At The Landing of Newport Beach, an addiction treatment center and rehab, our dedicated professionals have decades of combined experience working with men who have struggled with substance abuse and chemical dependency. Over the years we have developed and implemented specialized programming that has proved to be quite effective at helping men end their dependence upon alcohol and other drugs, and make the lifestyle changes that allow them to live healthy drug-free lives.

How to Help a Loved One

Helping a loved one get treatment for drug addiction

Substance abuse is always a dangerous behavior, but it can be difficult to know when a friend or family member has a problem that requires professional help. If someone in your life seems to have become obsessed or preoccupied with acquiring and using alcohol or another drug, and is allowing his physical, emotional, or social well-being to suffer as a result, then he may have developed a substance use disorder. Providing the most effective support for your loved one is a matter of education, preparation, and action.

A good first step is to identify the specific substance or substances that your loved one has been abusing. Different drugs impact the mind and body in different ways, and these effects can be exacerbated if the individual is simultaneously abusing multiple substances. Identifying the drug or drugs in question can help you get a better understanding of the effects that your loved one is experiencing.

It can also be valuable to educate yourself about the disease of addiction. When a person has become dependent upon one or more substances, he loses a degree of control over his thoughts, decisions, and actions. Addiction is not another word for bad behavior or poor self-discipline; it is a chronic progressive disease that, if left untreated at a drug & alcohol rehab, can be fatal.

You would also be wise to research the types of treatment that have helped others whose situations were similar to what your loved one has been experiencing and identify programs that provide the type and level of care that your loved one needs. The more specific you can be when addressing your concerns with your loved one, the more likely that your conversation will be productive. “You need to get help” is not nearly as effective as “Let’s take a look at three programs that can give you the help you need.”

When your loved one agrees to get help, realize that this is just one step in a long process. If the treatment program offers family services, participate to the best of your ability. This will help you to remain an active positive presence in your loved one’s life, and will also help you to develop the skills that will allow you to support your loved one’s ongoing recovery after he completes treatment and returns home.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for drug addiction at The Landing of Newport Beach, CA

It is virtually impossible to overstate the degree to which chronic untreated substance abuse can negatively impact a person’s life. Depending upon the nature and severity of that substance abuse, physical damage can include brain damage, liver disease, heart problems, kidney issues, impaired vision, loss of coordination, and increased risk for certain cancers. The mental and psychological impact of substance abuse can include diminished cognition, memory problems, impaired ability to communicate, and the development or worsening of several co-occurring mental health disorders. Struggling under these effects, a person who fails to get effective treatment for a substance use disorder is likely to experience family discord as well as strained or ruined non-familial interpersonal relationships. Job loss, chronic unemployment, financial problems, legal problems, and homelessness are all too common experiences for individuals who do not get help for their substance abuse problems. When a person chooses to heal by partaking in an effective treatment program, an individual can begin to repair the damage that he has already incurred and prepare himself to pursue a healthier and more productive future.

Types of Treatment

Types of drug addiction treatment offered at The Landing of Newport Beach, CA

Since 2007, The Landing has been providing life-changing treatment for men aged 18 and older who are looking to overcome addictions and co-occurring mental health conditions. Situated along the shores of the calming Pacific Ocean, this beachfront treatment center located in Newport Beach, California has become a leading men’s addiction treatment center. Also named one of the top 10 luxury rehab centers in the country, The Landing offers a truly transformative experience to all who come for care.

The Landing is proud to offer a three-phase treatment approach that includes residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programming. Each phase of care includes a variety of treatment methods and modalities, including person-centered approaches, cognitive behavioral approaches, and trauma-focused care, that are designed to assist men as they leave their addictions in the past. The staff of expertly trained and dedicated professionals who supply treatment put forth every effort to enhance each client’s experience and do so by creating a positive, respectful atmosphere.

Men’s unique treatment needs are taken into consideration during each phase of treatment, and The Landing rehab is pleased to offer clinically excellent care that incorporates mind, body, and spirit healing practices. The following types of treatment are among those featured at this world-class center:

Medical detoxification: In order for an individual to effectively participate in the recovery process, he must have a clear state of mind and not be distracted by nagging drug cravings or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Should a man wish to break free from the grip of substance abuse and chemical dependency, he may require detoxification prior to engaging in our services. The Landing is able to facilitate medical detoxification, and then seamlessly transition the client into Phase I of our three-phase treatment approach, residential rehabilitation.

Medication management: Because it is quite common for men to battle a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental illness at the same time, each client at our center will be able to meet with a psychiatrist within 72 hours of enrollment. During this meeting, our psychiatrist can determine if medication is needed to manage any existing mental health symptoms, and can recommend medication if it is necessary to a client’s care. Clients who are prescribed medication will be able to schedule follow-up appointments on an as-needed basis so that our staff can monitor the effectiveness of any medication that is prescribed.

Individual therapy: The road to lasting recovery from a substance use disorder often has many twists and turns, and it is always beneficial to process what occurs during treatment with a knowledgeable professional within the sanctity of a therapeutic relationship. Every man who partakes in treatment at The Landing treatment center and rehab will receive individual therapy sessions three times per week while in Phase I of our treatment. Meeting twice per week with a marriage and family therapist intern and once per week with a certified substance abuse counselor, our clients are afforded the one-on-one attention they need to process triumphs, setbacks, and emotions so that they are able to advance in their recovery.

Group therapy: For many men, battling a substance use disorder can be a painful and lonely experience. For this reason, we are proud to offer various group therapy opportunities so that clients of The Landing can feel a sense of camaraderie and benefit from the support of others who have endured similar addiction-related challenges. Offered multiple times per day, the following are among the various groups featured at our center:

  • Psychoeducation groups
  • Process groups
  • Trauma groups
  • Nutrition groups
  • 12-Step groups
  • Panel
  • Emotion regulation group
  • Recovery movies
  • Professional development group
  • Life skills implementation
  • Clinical lectures

Experiential therapy: At The Landing drug & alcohol rehab, we employ an “east meets west” approach to treating substance abuse and chemical dependency. We believe in bridging individualized experiences with endeavors that involve groups of clients so that each man who comes to our center is able to recover and optimize his health in a lasting way. The following experiential therapies and activities are those we offer our clients so that they can have a truly holistic treatment experience:

  • Hypnotherapy groups
  • Music therapy
  • Acupuncture groups
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Gym time
  • Health and wellness group
  • Narrative therapy
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy group
  • Massages
  • Relationships group
  • Hiking

Family therapy: The individuals who make up our clients’ primary support systems are invited to play a role in their loved one’s care. The Landing treatment center facilitates family therapy sessions on an as-needed basis so that our clients and their loved ones can heal the damage that addiction has caused in their lives. These sessions, which are led by our marriage and family therapy interns, can be beneficial in rejuvenating the relationships our clients have with their family members, friends, and other loved ones.

Family Program: Family members and other loved ones in our client’s lives can also receive invaluable support through The Landing’s Family Program. This program includes presentations led by our staff, group discussions, and multi-family sessions. The Family Program is designed to help friends and family members learn how to care for themselves during their loved one’s recovery while also gaining the skills that will empower them to provide the most effective support to their loved one.

When you choose The Landing of Newport Beach for treatment, you can expect to have a truly personalized treatment experience. During the process of admissions, your needs will be assessed, and our staff will work alongside you to formulate a treatment plan that will enable you to reach your recovery goals. The aforementioned treatment methods can be incorporated into your plan, and we are able to adjust the interventions included should your treatment needs and goals change.

Once you have completed Phase I of our rehabilitation and treatment, you can then begin programming in Phase II, and then step down to Phase III prior to leaving our center. It is our mission to help you defeat your substance use disorder, and we will do all that we can to ensure that you achieve your goals.

If you or someone you love would like to learn more about The Landing, feel free to contact us. Let us help you make the changes needed to live the life you have always dreamed of.

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